Terms & Conditions


  1. Customers are given flexibility to choose the rental period.

  2. The rent depends on the tenure chosen by the customer.

  3. In case of early closure of the tenure, customer can request AllTimeSupport for early pick-up. But the return of the rent amount already paid is at the sole discretion of AllTimeSupport.



  1. Customers who are booking an IT product like laptops, desktops etc., are required to provide KYC like Purchase order, company documents - Company PAN Card, Company incorporation certificate, GST Certificate, Details of company director & SPOC (Single Point of Contact) at the company, Cancelled Cheque and Address Proof.

  2. Accepting a KYC is under the sole discretion of AllTimeSupport.

  3. AllTimeSupport has the right to call the references given as part of the KYC, to confirm your identity and can also use the address, mobile no and any other information of the said reference to communicate through to you in case of absconding, rental payment delay and etc.



  1. Customers are required to pay every month’s rent in advance.

  2. Payment made beyond the due date shall incur a late fee. Late fee shall be levied on the rental due amount only.

  3. In the event, the customer does not make payments to AllTimeSupport or does not return the products and is not traceable, in addition to KYC, AllTimeSupport will use third party services to track the customer including but not limited to reaching out to customer’s relatives, friends, employer, offices, etc.  Customer hereby agrees that AllTimeSupport is not liable for any inconvenience or loss caused to the customer for such action.



  1. On receipt of 1st month rent amount, AllTimeSupport will confirm the order (subject to KYC being accepted), an email confirmation will be sent to the customer.

  2. In the event any product selected by the customer is not available, AllTimeSupport will inform the same to the customer. Customer has the right to choose or reject the substitute product provided by AllTimeSupport in such an event.

  3. Mere payment of 1st month rental is not considered as a contract.

  4. The delivery of asset/ assets will happen only in the address given in KYC as address proof.

  5. Delivery is made between 10 AM to 6 PM on working days and is subject to the availability of delivery executives on holidays and such.

  6. On receiving the product, the customer has the right to QC the products before accepting the product. AllTimeSupport will replace the item free of cost if found unfit for the use of customer.

  7. If any claim of damage is brought to AllTimeSupport after delivery and accepting the product, AllTimeSupport will not be liable to replace the product and ascertain a damage charge.



  1. AllTimeSupport will accept service requests from customers if any arises during the rental tenure. An executive will be sent in 24-48 working hours to the customer's location where the assets were delivered.

  2. If the service cannot be provided in the location of the customer, AllTimeSupport will provide a replacement for the time being and return the product after its service to the customer.

  3. And if the product is not serviceable, AllTimeSupport will provide a complete replacement to the customer.

  4. The customer will not be charged for the service or replacement only if the damage incurred by the product is due to the daily wear and tear of the asset.



  1. In case the product is lost by the customer, the customer shall inform such cases to AllTimeSupport immediately and will either file a FIR or will help AllTimeSupport in filing a FIR and also help with any other details /support that are required.



  1. AllTimeSupport reserves the right to inspect the product delivered to the customer during pick-up. Customer will cooperate with AllTimeSupport to carry out necessary quality checks.

  2. In case the quality check is not done at the premises of the customer, the customer has the right to maintain the details including photos of the laptop to prove against any damage that might’ve occurred during the transit.

  3. In addition to the quality check done in the customer premises, AllTimeSupport will also do a quality check in their warehouse so as to produce an entire report to the customer and to maintain data in their own database.

  4. The customer will be liable for all the assets and accessories provided at the time of delivery and are liable to pay for any damage or loss of assets or accessories that might have occurred during the rental tenure.

  5. AllTimeSupport has the right to track the devices

  6. AllTimeSupport has the right to lock or disable the device in case of delayed payments



  1. The customer is hereby informed that during service or replacement of assets the data present in the asset might get deleted and formatted and is hence requested to always keep their data stored in any external source. AllTimeSupport is not responsible for any loss that might’ve occurred to customer due to these actions.

  2. Customer is responsible for deleting and backing up any data stored in the asset before returning the product. In case the customer fails to do so AllTimeSupport will delete all the data safely by respecting the privacy of the customer and will not use any such data for any purpose.


  1. Customer is required to return the product at the end of the rental period with all the accessories that were provided by AllTimeSupport at the time of delivery in original condition.

  2. Customer has to give notice of 7 days before returning the product

  3. If the customer wishes to extend they can do so before the end of the current rental period.

  4. The customer cannot delay the pick-up due to any reason other than those considered as acts of god.

  5. Any delay intentionally caused by the customer will be charged on a pro-rata basis from the third day after the end date of the rental period.



  1. The customer can cancel the order anytime up to before delivery is attempted.

  2. If the customer cancels the order after the delivery is attempted, then the customer is liable to pay for the delivery. The delivery charges in such cases will not be refunded if the payment is made in advance and if not paid in advance then the delivery executive can collect it directly from the customer or the customer can pay it online.

  3. A refund will be made to the customer for a cancelled order within 7-15 working days.



  1. These Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of India. The Courts in Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of the Terms of Use.